Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Our friends from my old college came round for the night on Sunday, and on Monday mourning we walked them into town.
I don't know why, but every new season I seem to having nothing to wear, particular winter. It's not that I'm trend conscious or anything, I just hate being cold and no matter how much I buy, it never seems to be warm enough...
They missed their bus so we went into Primark whilst we waited for the next one. Now I don't really like shopping at Primark for the simple fact that it's always packed on weekends or school holidays because it's cheap enough for the little kids/girls going clubbing while still looking fairly nice.

A few things that happened while we were in there:
  • Dan was waiting outside the changing rooms for me and over heard some tweens talking about him: "You should go out with him" 'No waaaay, he looks much too serious!!'... When he told me this I laughed so hard, I've never met someone less serious ;)
  • A woman literally shoved me out of the way to get the last pair of light blue jeggings in her size. Scary.
  • Girl that smelled of weed and her equally weed-smelling boyfriend attempt to rob £13 jumpers to sell off o.O
  • I was blanked by a girl in my class, though I do have an idea why :/
We also spend a long time in there after our friends had gone as 1) I insist on trying everything on (for good reason, I normally end up putting half of it back) and 2) my mum appeared and offered us a lift home, but she spend around 45 minutes looking around. However this was good, as I ended up putting back lots of things that I thought I'd wanted and saved myself money for Clothes show!

I have to be honest and say that I find most the their jewelry horrible. Though good for my mums dance performances, I don't want gold earring the size of my palm.
These however are nice and very much my style. I favour sliver over gold and I love the little details on them.
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£2 three rings

These are also nice, though they're quite girly I'm glad they're not HUGE like a lot rings now which I personally don't like.
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£1.50 for three

Bling me up (and no, I wouldn't wear them like this ;)
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I couldn't get photo of this that shows the true colour, but it's a really pretty deep torques. I have two slightly bigger flowers like this from last year, this one has a pin and a elastic tie on the back so you can pin in to clothing or put it in your hair.
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Flower £1

I was surprised at the price of these alice bands and they might just snap after a few uses, but I though that I could put bows/flowers or anything else on some of them to make them more unique
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Headbands £1 for 5

A long sleeved top and the jammie bottoms while I love! Because I have to get a 32"/33" leg it's hard to find PJs with long trousers that don't sit half way up my leg, but there are perfect and I love hanging around the house in them ;)
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Top £3, trousers £4

Lastly we have a Hendrix tee. I saw these a while back when Dan went shopping for new shirts but thought they were a little expensive at £6. They were reduced to £3 this time and I could resist, being a music fan. I like men's tees for than women's because 1) they normally have cool things on them and 2) they don't ride up my hips and make my back cold. I will have to cut out the neck so it doesn't give me a mans frame (I have broad shoulders) but then I'd have to do that with a women's one too ;)
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Top £3

It seems like not much for the time a spend in there, but I'm happy to save my money for clothes show live because last year I didn't have much and I wished I had more!

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