Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day Twooo!

(I'm sorry the lighting isn't great but I wanted to take these right after application and that just happened to be at 7 am ;)

Here it is... but I have to be honest and say that this isn't my 'typical' makeup, just becasue I'm always changing my mind and going through fazes. I like to experinent and change things around, so at the moment I have been really likeing nutreals - a weird feeling for me as I love colour - and winged liqued liner - also weird because I didn't think I was very good with it and hence have never used it much!
I also decided to brighten it up a little with a lipstick, but it's still quite dark :) This is MUAs shade 2, I believe.
On my face I used a the ultimute wear foundation from Collection 2000 because I was going job hunting and didn't want my makeup to start falling off. Normal conceler and powder and then I used the darker MUA bronzer to contor and Glow blush from elf.
My liquid liner was also from MUA simply because I don't consider it a staple and therefore don't see any point in spending a lot of money on one.
The eyeshadows were all from the ebay palette I got for my birthday :)


And now for a video update...
I've recorded the same video twice now;
first I sounded so boring and I hate watching boring people who look like they don't want to be making a video and I kinda looked all gross and.... whithered?...
and the second one I really liked, I was in a really good mood, I'd had a good day looking for jobs and I looked good too. BUT, I couldn't upload it from windows which I normally do, so the edited version was in the process of saving when I deleted the origanl file!!! I could have kicked myself, and I did try to recover it, but becasue it was on my SC card and not on my computer it wasn't in the Trash and I'm really sucky with PCs... :(

I hopefully will be re-recording it AGAIN tomorrow, but I don't know how well it'll turn out because right now I'm not in a happy, bubbly mood -.-

Anyway, if you follow me then you'll get more updates from me here, since it doesn't take half the time to wrtie a blog post as it does to record, edit (although I try to edit mimimaly) and upload a video!

Love ya xxx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

30 makeup challenge!

This is pretty simple; here's the challenges:

Day 1- a picture of your face without makeup
Day 2- a picture of your typical makeup
Day 3- a picture of you with glitter
Day 4- a picture of your smokey eyes
Day 5- a picture of your favorite makeup style
Day 6- a picture of the most creative thing you can do with makeup
Day 7- a picture of crazy eyeliner
Day 8- a picture of natural eyeshadow
Day 9- a picture of green eyeshadow
Day 10- a picture of pink eye shadow
Day 11- a picture of nude eyes and lipstick
Day 12- a picture of what ever make-up style you want
Day 13- a picture of your eyes using 4 different colours
Day 14- a picture of your zombie make-up
Day 15- a picture of blue eyeshadow
Day 16- a picture of gold eyeshadodw
Day 17- a picture of your eyes painted rainbow
Day 18- a picture of patriotic makeup
Day 19- a list of the brands of makeup you use
Day 20- a picture of purple eyeshadow
Day 21- a picture of silver eyeshadow
Day 22- a picture of holiday themed makeup
Day 23- a picture of animal print eyeshadow
Day 24- a picture from online of your favorite makeup
Day 25- a picture of 3 different colour eyeshadow
Day 26- a picture of what ever make-up style you want
Day 27- a picture of black & white eyeshadow
Day 28- a picture of the make up you use
Day 29- a picture of your whole face painted with makeup
Day 30- a picture of the favorite makeup style you did durning this challenge

And all I have to do is follow them! :)
I did find this on tumbler - which I don't have an account on hence why I'm using this blog - courtesy of vanewpc :)

I must point out at this stage that I will only be doing challenges on the days where I was going to wear makeup anyway, not everyday as I like to give my face a rest sometimes (;

So here's my day 1, compleat with wet hair and a silly face!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Jessica Alba look

When I found this picture I thought of the people who've said to me recently that they don't know how or are scared to wear colour on their eyes!
I never have been one of these people, so this might even be a little too much for you. But in my opinion it's colour and neutrals all rolled up together and would be a good plase to start if you're one of those people who aren't that confident in wearing colour in every day life ;)




(Please excuse my bad skin, I'm giving foudation a rest for now because otherwise my skin will start to diiiiiieeee!!)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rimmel Lash Accelerator: Day 1

I picked up the new Rimmel Lash Accelerator when I was out shopping for my birthday. I got it for the introduction price of £6.99 but I believe that this will raise by £2 after a time, but I have no idea when.
I'll be honest and say that when I heard about this product I wasn't overly keen on the idea of it, I've always thought that things like this are really just to make money off peoples placebo.
Having heard good things from bloggers and youtubers alike I decided that for that price it was worth a try. I'll be doing a 30 day trial of it to see if anything happens, taking photos every 10 days with no mascara on to see if anything does happen.
My lashes are pittyful, they really are!

There's nothing too them and like the rest of my hair, they're very very thin. I tend to go for volume not length so I'm not too sure how I'm going to feel about the Rimmel because from what I hear it's more lengthening...
But we shall see, I'll report back with more in 10 days! :)