Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bye-bye shine!

Ok, whilest watching a video the other day I heard the guru say that they were part of ''gloss out 2010''. Entreaged, I searched it and found out more.
It's a movemeant that's little like project 10 pan - were the idea is to use up all of a product - execpt people are making up their own rules and variations. Some are limiting themselves to 5 new golsses this year, while trying to use up ones they already have, and others aer just going for limited ones, but the main idea is to use up as much as you can in 2010. I think this is a great idea, and as of now I will be joining onto Gloss Out 2010!

My collection:

14 glosses & 9 lipsticks (I'll explain more later)
Now, granted, I don't have a HUGE collection (not as big as my eye shadows!!) But I litrally never them. I'm more of lipstick girl and I do use those, but not that often.
So, my rules:
- Mainly trying to use up glosses but there are some lipsticks I want to hit pan on too, so those will be included.
- I can buy a new gloss, but only when I've finished one and if I know that I will wear it!

My hopes for this is that I'll get into to wearing gloss more, I see them in shops and love the colours (I'm like a magpie but with colour!!) so I buy them and they just sit in a box because they feel irritating to wear, I'm used to pain ol' Vasiline!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Elf are wonderful folk!

I got my box of eyes lips face (elf) produes yesterday! I'm going to do a video about what i got a long with mini reviews seeing as I've had time to use them too.
I really shouldn't have spent that money but oh well the produes are good!
I'm now going to start doing project 10 pan but with a difference. I really have a problem with buying eye shadows. I have so many compared with every other piece of make up I have so I'm making a pact with myself that I won't buy anymore till I've used up ten of the one's I've already got... which could take a while because I've had - and used - some of them for 2 years you can't even see the 'pan'!!
I've got loads planed for both my channels but it's just trying to find the time. I now start at 9.00 on four days at college and at 10.30 on a Thursday, so it's really hard for me to find the time alone where I can do videos now.