Saturday, 27 February 2010

Into my world, what a scarey place!

Well, well, well.... I haven't posted in a while; sorry. Why am I saying sorry? It's not as if anyone's following me or reading this! But hey, I'll carry on.
I've started a new channel on YouTube. MyIndigoDusk is for vlogs and random things from my life. I thought it might be easier for me to keep up with it because it won't require loads of editting like the beauty videos do and it should be more fun! I will still be doing beauty videos, don't worry, but just not as often. I feel that I have a lot of things to say and if a get at least a few veiws on each video then someone will have listened to what I ahve to say. I don't get listened to any other time. So yeah, cheak that out at
Ok, I need to lose some weight, I not weigh near 11 stone! When last year it was 9. I don't know why it is, maybe because I wasn't in a good place last year, but I really hate having all this extra fat so I'm going to try and excersice more. Dan and I did try a diet a few weeks ago - and it was working - but we knida slipped off somehow so now I think it's just me. So I'll keep you posted on that...

Nothing else is really that intersting about my life.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

What's the point

Since Lamb I've been thinking about my old life (I won't go into detail) and how much freer I was. I've recently been dragged into this trap of the education system; get ''good'' education>>get ''good'' job>>have a ''good'' life. But most peoples lives are boring. So boring in makes me sick to think I might live like that for my whole life. And I don't want to do anything I've been studying for a career. I've always wanted to be a musishion, since I was 9 amd going to Lamb reminded me of that. It also reminded me just [most of] the friends I've got now are really boring. I don't have the same kind of relationship as I did with my old friends. I don't know if that's because of what happened to me or because of the people they are. They're really nice, but I just don't connect.

At the moment I'm in a really weird place. I'm considering whether to continue with collehe next year or not because I'm not USING any of the shitty qualifications I'm working so hard for, but yet I know I should get them.
I just hate how everyone is brain-washed into thinking that having a job is the key to everything. It's not. Maybe it'd make some people happy, but not me. I don't want to be a designer. I want to play music and travel. It's what I've wanted for a long time and I can't believe I lost slight of it!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lamb. Of. GOD!!!!

They were amazing! It took us over 3 hours to find the o2 and then we waited for another two, but it was worth it. We were in the balconey, which isn't what I paid for, but we got right next to the stage at the front. It was lacking in attmospher up there thouogh, if you've ever been to a metal consert, you'll know about the pits, the moshing and generally getting throwen around. That was going on, on the floor. Not where we were. Dan and I were head banging, screaming, devil horns in the air, but no one around us. There were just sat, watching. Maybe the slight nod of a head here and there. I'm telling you, it was like they were watching fucking opra, but Lamb of God!
But think the fact that we were the only lively ones on the balcony caused Willie (rhythem) to salute us twice. Once when he came out and was playing with one hand on his own with lead chris and then again just before they went off stage. I guess they must have just been happy that someone up top looked like they were having fun!

It was great, but I wish I took mmy camera. Because thought we were in the stalls we didn't take much, so all the pictures are on my boyfriends 2 mag. pixle phone camera, rather than my digital SLR whih I would have taken had I knowen we'd be up there.
I want to go again now, they were so good live, Randy really knows how to get the cround going, plus it was their first show of 2010! Next time they come here I'm fucking going, and I'm gunna be on the floor this time!
Best picture I got!

And the second best:

K, this is really random, but before we left we saw a guy taking pictures of a new tree in the town center. He looked like a touist and this is DanDans inpression of him:

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Star drop

I do have something to write about! How could I forget, he's with me everyday!
My boyfriend, DanDan! I call him Dan now, he was DanDan because there were two Dan's in our group of friends.
I think all I really wanted to do was post these pictures which I took today,
he's so cute, but such a retard!

Ok, he doesn't always look stupid!

We got a new dog (if you can call it that) on Friday. She's a three year old chihuahua and we're going to bread her but oh my god she's so small! I got my chihuahua Timmy when I was 5 and I know he's big for one (and male, I guess that counts as something) But y god she is tiny! She still a little tinid, being in a new house and all, but she's so boouncy. Beacause Timmy's nearly 13 he's not really exitable anymore, he's active but not skatty like her. She hasn't got a name yet, but we're thinking Topsie.

and this is Timmy!

Oh no, not again!

Well I'm bored so I made another blog. The other one was really old and I felt that it had a load of random stuff on from about three years ago! So I'll just be trying to write about my daily life, but most of the time I don't think it's really interesting enough...
So... News... I ordered some new curlers from amazon on... Friday?... Yes I think it was than. My mum had som but they got lost when we moved again and I don't like mine, they're the ones with the little curly bits on them?... you know, the bits that are meant to get you hair into the right place.
But I don't like it because my hair get's stuck in them...
Oh also, somme of the keys have ome off my laptop, but it's still under warrenty I'm going to send it off, thing it that it's going to be gone for a month and that means that I probably won't be uploading things to YouTube because my mums desktop PC is shit and takes like, an hour to even open a window! So yeah, but go cheak out my channel anyway, I will return!!!