Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another hair growth post, and an apology...

I'm very sorry for not posting in over a month. I really didn't realise it's been that long! I've been very busy, trying to sort out my life and working.

Here's some pictures of my hair...


To the right, we have June 4th 2012 and to the left, April 28th 2013, with braid waves, so the length is probably not quite accurate.
If you can see on the ends of the one from this year, they're very dry. I'm still having issues with an oily scalp and dry ends. It's got a little better, but I'm thinking of investing in a boar bristle brush to help distribute the il more evenly. I was wondering if the ends were just very badly split, but I went out into the sunlight the other day and although they were worse than they were a year ago (being longer it gets caught more now), they're not all that bad, just really, really dry.

I will post more about this another day as I am trying to find a way of remedying it. I've tried oiling it heavily and leaving it for 48 hours a couple of times, but that doesn't seem to do much.

Thanks for reading :)