Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Makeup on a train!!

At 7am last Firday, I boarded a train to Reading. Myself and a colleague were being sent as extra staff for a Bar in Reading because it was the festival weekend. The night before I hadn't gone to sleep untill 2am and had been working all day/night. So you can see this is going well.
To save some time and get me a few minutes more in bed, I decided to do my makeup on the train, which takes half an hour to get to Reading from where I live.

This is what I took with me, in various pockets of my bag, as I didn't manage to find a makeup bag that would fit in my handbag :s

  • Collection 2000 foundation (Ivory) 
  • Elf eye primer
  • MUA face powder (shade 1? It's the lightest one)
  • Elf all over cover stick (Sand beige)
  • Sleek storm palette (I will be talking about this in a upcoming video, it's been a staple this month)
  • An old Rimmel* mascara (I know it's bad to keep them for long periods of time, blah, blah... but my sieve brain forgot that I needed mascara when I went shopping ;)
  • Elf studio C brush
  • Elf blending* brush
  • Elf kabooki (face)

Now I don't have a picture of my final face, as I forgot when I got off the train and by the time I remembered I'd just finished a 9 hour shift so it didn't look as good (we'd also had a few free beverages ;). But the makeup wasn't half bad for something that took me 15 minutes in a moving train and had to last all day!

So the moral of the story is, if you really want to spend more time in bed and have to tralvel, take your makeup with you xD

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh dear me!

You see... I've been slacking... Mainly on YouTube, but I don't think I've ever been this bad on my blog before, even though i'm not a really regular poster :s
But, as always, I have some excuses:

  • I'm working 49 hours this week. As I'm now one of the most experienced there, I'm called on a lot to cover for people and do shifts where I'm on my own, which newbies can't do.
  • New boyfriend. Takes up a fair amount of time!
  • I haven't been getting on with my mum, for various reasons and so I've been spending a lot of time away from home

While I can't make videos at my boyfriends house, I can blog as I almost always have my laptop, so I will start trying to blog more!
I don't have much to bog about today, however I am thinking about getting Gel Nails!

I've thought about this before, but decided that i'd rather have natural.... I've since realised that I can't keep naturally long nails due to my job/horses/photography, so I'm thinking gel is the way forward, seeing as I don't have very good nails anyway. I wouldn't get them really long, because although they look amazing, they'd annoy me too much! I'm thinking of just a french tip so that I can paint over it. I love the glittery/intricate designs you can get, however I like to change my nails a lot, so it would drive me mental!
Let me know about your experience with gel nails and if you think I should get them. I also can't find much out about prices, so an idea of that would be good too!