Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pretty tough dresses!

I got some funny looks from girls when wearing my Dr Martins with what like to call a 'traveler maxi dress', but I really like how it looks and it was the most suitable thing to wear on my feet.

I also threw on a couple of sliver bangles and a flower necklae my mum got me at christmas. What I like about pieces like this is that you can wear also any accessory with it because of the mass of different colours!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Paint those claws!

So, recently I've been getting more and more into painting my nails, but even more nail art!
I didn't bother before and kinda thought it a waste of time, but saw some picture on a forum and they inspired me. True to for, I went on youtube to get ideas from tutorials.
I thought I have a go at water marbeling, one of the designs on he forum I went on.

This is my left hand. I thought it would be the better of the two(I'm right handed), but as you can see from the picture bellow it's all to do with practice and techinque.

Some of these look a little manky, but the ring and pinky fingers turned out the best. I think this could be partly because I used a background colour - on the left hand I just used a clear bace coate - so the colours came up much more opaic!

It took me about two weeks to get round to doing it, but it's one of those things thats really addictive!
These are really poor examples by me and something that can be very pretty and unique.
I'll do a tutorial on it if I improve to the point where I can do something different to everyone else :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Photos from my days

I love taking photos - always have - and since doing the GCSE at college as a fill I've remembered how much I love it. I'm seriously considering taking a course devoted to it next year because I think I could make a cereer out of it.
So anyway, I desided to post some of my recent photos on here, just because I'm bored. You never know, it might become a regular thing.
Lint Chocolate bunny! I used this as final print in my exam unit. I think it's really pretty and contempery with the spece of 'nothing much' to the right.
My mummy... She doesn't like this pictue for some reason, but I think it's so pretty...
...As is she in this one. I like it because it's one of those pictures you know hasn't been faked.
Sleek Now here's something we all famillir with; eyeshodows!
Panda! Last one, this is one of out cats laying in the grass. Thank God the manul focus on my camera is so good!

Well that's about it... I don'tknow why I felt like posting that but it seemed interesting and I'm not doing much, just watching my boyfriend and his best mate play COD!
Honestly, I don't know why I bother at all, no one reads my blog ;/ I guess I just like being able to write my veiws down without someone telling me I'm wrong.