Monday, 21 June 2010

Paint those claws!

So, recently I've been getting more and more into painting my nails, but even more nail art!
I didn't bother before and kinda thought it a waste of time, but saw some picture on a forum and they inspired me. True to for, I went on youtube to get ideas from tutorials.
I thought I have a go at water marbeling, one of the designs on he forum I went on.

This is my left hand. I thought it would be the better of the two(I'm right handed), but as you can see from the picture bellow it's all to do with practice and techinque.

Some of these look a little manky, but the ring and pinky fingers turned out the best. I think this could be partly because I used a background colour - on the left hand I just used a clear bace coate - so the colours came up much more opaic!

It took me about two weeks to get round to doing it, but it's one of those things thats really addictive!
These are really poor examples by me and something that can be very pretty and unique.
I'll do a tutorial on it if I improve to the point where I can do something different to everyone else :)

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