Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Red fire :)

Sooooo.... Picture:

I was kind of annoyed at myself because when I did the tutorial eye, the under tone was a lot more yellow and I think it might be because I used too much of the copper colour! Annoying!!
But anyhow, here's the pictures
dumb face!
[Stupid Face!]

I'm not very happy with it really, it's not really an exact copy because I haven't got the light yellowish colour the model has on, but I still felt I could have done better ;/

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Next tutorial was requested :) It's from the Alexander Wang F/W show and is really quite simple!

I thought I'd do this one today because I'm not going out, but we've got friends coming round for a roast and I like to put makeup on, but too much would look weird.

And this is my version!

I don't think it's as good a copy as my last tutorial, but it's ok. My byfriend had the laptop so I was going from memory when I was doing the look and didn't do the eyeshadow high enough!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Marc Jacobs catwalk look

I am imbarking on a new collection of makeup tutorials!
These will all be inspired by photos I've found and I'll either try to copy the exect look but using drug store makeup, or just use them for insperation.

I'm not all the into celeb culture and all that - I can't even tell you who someone is and even if I match the name to the face, I can't always tell you what they do! - so if anyony wants to send me a picture please do so!
Either post a comment with a link to the picture in the comments here, or somewhere on my youtube channel or videos.

Today I'm going to be doing this look:

I found this on the Glamour website and it's from a Marc Jacobs show (I'm guessing a while ago ;)

It's really outgoing, but I just love the contrast of colours and how the eyes stand out because there's not much other colours on the face!

This is my verson of the look...
I did go slightly wrong on the tutorial eye, but if you've ever made videos you'll know that it happens.
I think I did a pretty ok job, concidering I'm not a profesional, but the lips are a bit of a let down because I don't have a nude lipstick and foundations wear off too quickly.