Wednesday, 18 August 2010

DIY ears :)

The other week I bought these, rather large zebra print hoop earings. The only thing I wasn't too keen on the offencive apple green on the inside of them...

However, I always try to think of ways that I can improve on things. With these, there was only one little thing I didn't like about them, and I came up with a solution...

I used two different nail polishes the cover that horrid green. They're both a different colour because I couldn't decide which one to do so I did both.
Only two coats were needed with both polishes to cover up all that nasty green.

I really like them and so does my mum, who says that it's a 'blast from the 80s'

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Compatition entry, HAND ART!!

Oh I had soooooo much fun doing this! If you're bored I suggest that you enter this comptition for MissBudgetBeauty becuase it's really really fun (although I've said that about all the cmpatitions I've entered :) The "hand art" was inspired by a very simple design I do on my nails and took a rather long time (probably because I was transported back to college media makeup and trying to perfect everything!).
I really wish I could do henna/mehndi designs but sadly I've never mastered it so I went for something easy! Besides, I would never have been able to do mehndi on my right hand (I'm right handed) without it looking as if I'd had a fit whilst doing it :p
There's that gold I was talking about lol

Larger pictures :)