Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh dear me!

You see... I've been slacking... Mainly on YouTube, but I don't think I've ever been this bad on my blog before, even though i'm not a really regular poster :s
But, as always, I have some excuses:

  • I'm working 49 hours this week. As I'm now one of the most experienced there, I'm called on a lot to cover for people and do shifts where I'm on my own, which newbies can't do.
  • New boyfriend. Takes up a fair amount of time!
  • I haven't been getting on with my mum, for various reasons and so I've been spending a lot of time away from home

While I can't make videos at my boyfriends house, I can blog as I almost always have my laptop, so I will start trying to blog more!
I don't have much to bog about today, however I am thinking about getting Gel Nails!

I've thought about this before, but decided that i'd rather have natural.... I've since realised that I can't keep naturally long nails due to my job/horses/photography, so I'm thinking gel is the way forward, seeing as I don't have very good nails anyway. I wouldn't get them really long, because although they look amazing, they'd annoy me too much! I'm thinking of just a french tip so that I can paint over it. I love the glittery/intricate designs you can get, however I like to change my nails a lot, so it would drive me mental!
Let me know about your experience with gel nails and if you think I should get them. I also can't find much out about prices, so an idea of that would be good too!


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  2. Ah! Hiya :) I'm gunna be writing more, it's easier for me than youtube as I can do it on the go and when I'm with my boyfriend ;]

  3. My personal experience- they start flying off the following week and your own nails will look like cack for the following 5 months. You won't be capable to even peel an orange with them until they have grown back. Since you actually USE your hands - don't do it.