Tuesday, 19 April 2011

If you're wondering :)

Now, I realise that I'm not really a consistent blogger, I am however very regular with my Youtube.
Just recently some... things... have been going on in my life. Please don't think that they're all negative things, I just need time and space to be able to think and Youtube and makeup will take a back seat for a bit.
I got a job in a bar/pub and have to do a lot of memorising for that. We're also going to start our last unit for this year of my course and I want to get the highest grade for it if I can. There are also some more personal things that I won't go into ;)

I do have a video to post which I recorded last week. I may also do an April favourites, but it depends on how I feel. I don't want to seem uncomfortable in my videos, so we shall see.
I'm not going to stop making videos, but I want to be really enjoying what I'm doing and not be distracted, like I am at the minute.
Thank you everyone for the support. I think that doing Youtube is partly what helped me get this job because I can now talk to people better than I could before (sounds weird I know).

Thanks again, I promise I'll be back soon xxx

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