Sunday, 7 February 2010

Oh no, not again!

Well I'm bored so I made another blog. The other one was really old and I felt that it had a load of random stuff on from about three years ago! So I'll just be trying to write about my daily life, but most of the time I don't think it's really interesting enough...
So... News... I ordered some new curlers from amazon on... Friday?... Yes I think it was than. My mum had som but they got lost when we moved again and I don't like mine, they're the ones with the little curly bits on them?... you know, the bits that are meant to get you hair into the right place.
But I don't like it because my hair get's stuck in them...
Oh also, somme of the keys have ome off my laptop, but it's still under warrenty I'm going to send it off, thing it that it's going to be gone for a month and that means that I probably won't be uploading things to YouTube because my mums desktop PC is shit and takes like, an hour to even open a window! So yeah, but go cheak out my channel anyway, I will return!!!

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