Sunday, 7 February 2010

Star drop

I do have something to write about! How could I forget, he's with me everyday!
My boyfriend, DanDan! I call him Dan now, he was DanDan because there were two Dan's in our group of friends.
I think all I really wanted to do was post these pictures which I took today,
he's so cute, but such a retard!

Ok, he doesn't always look stupid!

We got a new dog (if you can call it that) on Friday. She's a three year old chihuahua and we're going to bread her but oh my god she's so small! I got my chihuahua Timmy when I was 5 and I know he's big for one (and male, I guess that counts as something) But y god she is tiny! She still a little tinid, being in a new house and all, but she's so boouncy. Beacause Timmy's nearly 13 he's not really exitable anymore, he's active but not skatty like her. She hasn't got a name yet, but we're thinking Topsie.

and this is Timmy!

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