Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Elf are wonderful folk!

I got my box of eyes lips face (elf) produes yesterday! I'm going to do a video about what i got a long with mini reviews seeing as I've had time to use them too.
I really shouldn't have spent that money but oh well the produes are good!
I'm now going to start doing project 10 pan but with a difference. I really have a problem with buying eye shadows. I have so many compared with every other piece of make up I have so I'm making a pact with myself that I won't buy anymore till I've used up ten of the one's I've already got... which could take a while because I've had - and used - some of them for 2 years you can't even see the 'pan'!!
I've got loads planed for both my channels but it's just trying to find the time. I now start at 9.00 on four days at college and at 10.30 on a Thursday, so it's really hard for me to find the time alone where I can do videos now.

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