Saturday, 23 October 2010

Shoreditch from Eyeko!

Today I received a little surprise in the post. It was my free gift from Eyeko for my first sale, which in all honesty I'd forgotten about!
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This is one of their new(ish) lip gloss tubes, which I've not tried before, so I was exited about it.
I'm not going to bore you with details, this is just going to be my first thoughts on the product. I'm not really a huge gloss fan, so please bare that in mind ;)

+ The colour is Shoreditch and I like it. It's what I would call an earthy pink. It's not too blue based nor is it very bright. Wearable :)

+ It's fairly long wearing for a gloss

+ I like the finish: not overly glossy, although this comes at the cost of it being sticky, but I'll get to that in a minute...

+ It smells goooood! Or at least I think so... smells are very subjective of course, and I'm terrible at describing them, but this smells very sweet, kind of like a fake strawberry smell.

+ The packaging is adorable!

- I find the formulation sticky. Now I remember I said that I'm not a gloss person - before this year and Gloss Out 2010 I wouldn't wear gloss at all. It feels quite heavy on my lips, but this is part of what makes it long wearing and in the cold weather I guess I would feel that my lips were protected...

- It's not as opaque as it should be. This sounds stupid, it isn't hugely sheer, but from how it feels on the lips I think they could have made it more pigmented.

Would I repurchase?
If I ever get through the mound of lip gloss I've got then probably yes! I love the colour of this one, I've been looking for a colour like this that was inexpensive for a while and this is near enough perfect for me :)

They're £6.50 from Eyeko and if you enter my code E11416 at the checkout then you'll get a free gift :)

Yes, Eyeko did send me this product, but the opinions are my own. I will always say what I think, if I didn't like something I would say regardless ;)


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