Friday, 15 October 2010

Keeping my spirits up!

I HATE winter! So to keep me from going mad I though I'd compile two lists (because I'm a Virgo & I love lists!), one for things I don't like and one from things I do. Undoubtedly the 'bad' list will be longer, but hey-ho!

  • I hate being cold. Infact I feel cold even when other people are warm, I think it's something to do with the fact that bad cerculation runs in the family. And plus even if my body is warm, if my hands or nose are cold then I feel cold all over D: Being cold is the main reason that I live for summer so much.
  • The weather is bad, making it harder to do everything. I don't know if you've ever had to walk for 45 minutes in the pooring rain, but my advice would be not to both making yoursef look nice before you leave the house. And hanging around with your friends? Not a chance ;)
  • I really detest getting out of bed to a freezing house and having to get dressed in it :(
  • It gets darker earlier. I don't really mind the darkness... at night. Trying to wakeup when it's still dark out is just terrable, and you can forget being able to do makeup knowing what colour your skin is :(
  • In this contury, onnce it gets to mid/late September you can almost garentee that you won't see the sky till Feburary, and even the it won't be often.
  • I never seem to having ANYTHING warm to wear that looks nice. Nevermind the amount I bought last year to keep myself from freezing, it's all just got up and walked! >:(
  • Putting on weight after Christmas. Nuff said.

  • Chrismas. I can't say that I like the day itself, but I love the run up! I love buying things for people, wrapping presents and writing cards. It reminds me of being a kid and I just love love love that! I like that people are friendly and just generally in a better mood (for the most part) during the run up to Christmas. I love the crappy/random TV and eating lots of chocolate!!
  • It's also the party season :D Though dispite the fact that I'm now 18, I don't seem to go out and party as much as I'd like :( But even if I'm in the house for New Years, I'll still have a drink with Dan ;)
  • I like buying new clothes and shoes :)
  • I love scarfs and you just can't wear one in the summer
  • I like the layered look which suits Aurtum so well and you can't do that in summer (though you can do it in spring and it's still warmer!)
  •  You feel all cosy indoors... or at least sometimes. My mum likes to save money, and no one else in my house has my "if it's not boiling I'm cold" complex, so the heating is used to a minimun :(

    And that about concludes this! Ok, I though of one more bad things than good, but it wouldn't have mettered anyway, my passionate hate of being cold outweighs anything good about winter. Yes, even Christmas!

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