Friday, 19 November 2010

Elf mineral foundation

In case my video review was too rambly and incoherent, here's a written summary(ish)...
But first, compare and contrast!

I forgot to take a pictue right after I did the video so I've got eye makeup too :)

No bullshit editing and the same lighting and camera setting was used in both. The only thing that changed - other than having foundation on of course - was my stupid expression ;)

Now for the summary/review:
  • You get 2.84g for £3.50 (not too sure about the price in the US but they're around the same), but you have to factor in the postage so you might want to think about a few things you want before you order.
  • Staying power: I think it would stay all day if you work in an office or spend you time doing something that doesn't make you produce sweat. However, it doesn't last all day for me and toward the end of the day it starts to sink into my pores. If you have oily skin or very open pores this might be a problem for you.
  • Coverage: I would say it's bailable, but you're not going to get a heavy coverage, more median. So if you need to cover acne this might not be for you, though you could always use a concealer and see how that works for you.
  • It has SPF. This is good if you're going out for the day in the sun ('they' recommend that you wear SPF if it's not sunny but meh) but not so good if you're getting your picture taken with a flash as you can end up looking like a ghost.
  • It's helped my skin! I've not got *bad* skin, but using this foundation has helped some of the spots I had go and when I wore my liquid foundation they came back.
  • It doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup. I'm not bothered by the feeling of foundation, but it is nice to look good and not to feel like you're faking it ;)
  • The only bad point without a good point to counter it is the colour. Everyone knows that elf website swatches aren't that good, so I used the description as a reference and got Fair, the lightest shade. The colour isn't too off, but it's more yellow toned than I was expecting, seeing as it 's described as being "for porcelain skin and neutral undertones"... I think not. But it does give me some colour, which is rare!
  • Application: I can't talk about it too much here, you should watch my video for that, but I find it very easy to apply and didn't find the technique hard to pickup. Although everyone one is different.
So, would I repurchase? Yes! I love it, mainly for the fact that it's not doing horrible things to my skin, but also because it's fairly priced and easy to apply in the morning when I need to hurry.

Thanks for reading :) 
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  1. Hello!! The color is the fair or light?
    My skin is like yours and I don't know wich one I should buy.


    1. Mine is Fair, but they now have a MUCH better colour range :)