Tuesday, 1 January 2013

That Dieting Thing #1: Jumping on the dieting bandwagon

I know in the new year a lot of people aim to loose a bit of weight and shift those pounds put on at Christmas. Now, I've never been one to jump at this. Yes, I gain a little bit of weight at Christmas, but I've always worked it off by the summer without really trying.
However, last January I passed my driving test and got a car. Now instead of walking everywhere I can drive and this led me to not lose last years winter weight. I am now the heaviest I've been in years, at 179lbs. I try not to worry about my weight, but I've had a little bit of a complex about it for about 10 years now (I blame the media) and I find weighing this much really embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, I know there are people who weight a lot more than myself and who suffer health problems because of that, I'm not saying I'm a huge fatty, I just feel uncomfortable in my own skin. 

Anyway, after that long ramble I'll get to the point. I'm going on a soup/liquid diet. I'm shit with diets, I mean really really bad, but I like soup and it's one of those fad diets that I hope will help me lose some weight and give me a kick start. I'll be posting about how I get on, but going by other attempts, it won't last long :(
I'm not just going to eat the tins of soup that I stacked under my bed, I will be making some too as I know how much crap is in tins.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to try and cut out some of the booze that I consume. Working in a pub it's quite normal for me to have a drink after work with my colleagues two or three times a week. That's not always a binge session, but alcohol contains so many calories, as I'm sure you know, not to mention all that sugar in mixers and don't even get me started on ale!
Anyway, tonight is my last night of drinking those lovely fattening drinks. Here's to Malibu and Cherry Coke. Cheers!

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