Thursday, 17 January 2013

Scalp grease problems!

My hair has always been greasy, always. However in the last few months, since it's got longer, it's started doing something which I've never experienced before; it's oily at the roots but not on the length. Meaning that after about a day, my roots could do with a wash, but my ends are good for another 2 days!
Now, I know that some people wash only their scalp with shampoo, because that's the bit that gets greasy, but I can't seem to get the hang of it. I only put shampoo on my scalp, but it runs down the length and by the time I've finished I've got really dry ends and a clean scalp and I end up having to coat the length in coconut oil and I don't like how that makes it feel. It's infuriating! Here's what it looks like on day 2:

Actually doesn't look too bad in photos :s

Excuse the funny face, I've just got back from work and I have a head ache!

So, what to do? I need to find a way of stopping my scalp from producing so much oil. Because I'm on my feet a lot for work and running around I sweat quite a lot (ew!), but even when I have a few days off I still have a problem with it... Anyway advice? I've tried CO (conditioner only) washing for a few months, and although it works for the odd wash I can't use it long term, my whole head is just a giant grease ball!!
The most useful thing I've found. is trying to shampoo only the roots and putting conditioner on the ends at the same time. Then wash all that off and condition the whole head. But even then I get an oily scalp after about a day! Ahhhh, it's driving me mad!!!

Thanks for reading ;)

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