Monday, 21 January 2013

Nightwalk dupes.... Display shoes!

I knew when I bought these that they would be mainly for putting out on display. They were £25 from (link) and I really couldn't resist after seeing the Jeffrey Campbell originals this summer.

They're actually a lot higher than I thought they'd be, but that's just something that you accept when you shop online. Surprisingly they're not all that hard to walk in, just like wearing normal heels but not being able to put of your weight on your heel.

Like I've mentioned in I think every post I've made about high heels, I am rather tall already. And having a boyfriend who's not all that much taller than me means I can't really wear 6 inch heels on a night out. If we're out together that it.
Although, these make me over 6 feet tall and though I do go out in heels of that hieght, I do have to be in the mood to tower above most people!

That being said, I don't think these are something I'd wear if I was going out clubbing anyway, just because I can't put my weight on my heel, and with a few drinks in me I don't think I'd be very stable in them.

They are very nice though, well made and not bad for the price!

Thanks for reading :)

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