Friday, 4 January 2013

Radox Shower Smoothies

I'm not normally one to go for these sorts of things. I have enough shower gel from Christmas and Birthdays to last me until the next one comes along. It's not like I'm sparing with it either. I have loads of soaps too which last longer then gels so I'm never short of personal cleaning products.
So, the point was that I don't care what my shower gel smells like, as long as it cleans me. However, this stuff is amazing! It was another Christmas gift, but I would consider buying it again when I run out.

It smells lovely. I'm not good with describing anything, particularly smells so I won't bother trying to go into detail. But I can tell you that is smells smooth and like berries.
Now the sent in lovely, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't like this half as much if it weren't for the texture and consistency of it. I can only describe it as feeling like cream. Thick, luxurious creamy, smelly, lovelyness! There are little seeds in it, so I wouldn't recommend washing your more um, intimate areas with it, but even these aren't grainy or annoying, just nice.
Something else I find odd about it is that it doesn't lather like a normal show gel. No huge bubbles, just a thick foam. I can only describe it as being like foam on a Cappuccino!

Normally I don't like these little signs on things that smell good, but in this case, it is like rubbing a smoothie over yourself and it does smell awfully good!

I'd defiantly recommend this to someone who doesn't like/doesn't have time for baths but still wants to relax a little and feel like you're pampering yourself a little!

Thanks for reading :)

I apologise for the lighting of the photos in this post, the light has been horrible but I won't get any other time to do it this week.

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