Thursday, 10 January 2013

That Dieting Thing #4: Soup is not the way forward

So, eating just soup didn't go too well. However I am still eating healthy/'diet' foods because I do need to lose weight. I've discovered the magic of Tuna again, with low fat salad cream it's lovely and I'll just eat a bowl of the stuff. It's worth taking the hit on sugar because the Tuna fills me up!

Another one of my favourites id egg sandwiches. However bread is not so good if you're on a diet, so I've been using low calorie wraps, which I actually prefer to bread anyway!
All in all everything is going good. I haven't weighed myself yet because I don't think you should do it every week. I'll do it every month and although that may be bad because I don't get the motivation to carry on because I can see I'm losing weight, it does mean that when I have a bad week and don't losing much/anything, I won't be tempted to give up there and then!

Thanks for reading :)

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