Monday, 7 January 2013

That Dieting Thing #3: Am I getting fatter?

This is how I feel! Just eating soup didn't go too well. Jorge's mum refused to let me eat just soup and has bought me Special K cracker crisps. And when I was buying ingredients to make tomato soup I picked up some snack bars from the range too.
I know they're not hugely good for you, and full of sugar, but I thought they would be better then chocolate and would help get rid of my cravings for. And that they have done! I haven't eaten any chocolate in almost a week now, and although I would like some, I don't feel like I need it. The cracker things are nice and they're a replacement for crisps. I'll have a few when I want a little snack and they fill the void which means that I don't end up just going and getting a bag of normal crisps, yey!

Everything is going quite well. I fell down a bit yesterday, as we were out till 5am on Saturday - after I thought it would be a good idea to go back to a friends after we'd been to the pub - so I was very tired when I woke up and could still feel the alcohol sloshing around in my stomach (and my blood stream!). That would be a lot of weight put on that night, but in the morning I had a bacon sandwich and two bowls of thick soup which I didn't really need to eat, I just wanted. Haha

Today has been good, but I don't feel like anything is moving. I always feel like this and I think that is way I normally give up so quickly. I feel like I'm doing loads, but when I look at pictures or weigh myself nothing changes and that is disheartening!

Does anyone else feel like this?

Thanks for reading :)

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