Thursday, 31 January 2013

My dream bedroom

I am a little bored in my break today, so I thought that I would look through the Next website and pick out things which, in an ideal world, would come to live in my bedroom.

  1. Isabella® Armoire - I would personally like to take the shelves out of this, put in a hanging rail and use it as a wardrobe. I like the idea of having my cloths away, but still being able to see them. It seems like a really unusual thing that I haven't really seen before.
  2. Antoinette Silver Ottoman - This is just something handy to put at the foot of the bed. A little bit of extra storage plus somewhere to sit if you need it.
  3. Simpson Dressing Table - Doesn't look that much in this picture, but the whole thing in mirrored and looks lovely in person! I think you need to be really careful with a piece like this because it has a danger of looking rather retro. Retro in the 70s mums bedroom way, not in a good way. when I was a kid we had pieces like this that my mum had had for years and they did not look cool/modern. It just looked like we couldn't afford new furniture! However it is lovely, and I want one!
  4. Antoinette Bedstead - My idea bed is really falling apart now. It is held up by books, need I say more. This one looks like, sturdy and again a little unusual. I like big iron cast four post beds (the kind in Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks), but the ones I want are so expensive that it makes me want to cry. This is the kind of thing I am looking for at the moment and it's very very pretty.
  5. Geo Jacquard Pencil Pleat Curtains - These would just tie to room together, there's not really much to say, but I like them. The look sleek. I love loooong curtains, but I have been known to trip over them. These are a good length and aren't too dark so wouldn't make a room feel claustrophobic.
  6. Paris Print Bed Set - I feel like this bedset would go nicely with the bed. I love prints like this and te colours are muted to go with everything else!

And there you have it. Unfortunatly all these would set me back around £1657. That's around a months wages, so I will not be placing an order with Next any time soon, but it's nice to dream!!

Thanks or reading :)

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  1. I love that Paris bed set, I've been wanting it for ages but it doesn't really go with my room at the moment :(
    Daniella x