Monday, 31 December 2012

How To: Curl/wave hair, no heat, not effort.

This is the tutorial for the style I use. It's basically an easy crown braid with only two strands of hair, very easy, even I can do it and I can't do crown braids!

Anyway, I use this as a sleep style. I found it accidentally when I wore it out one night and couldn't be bothered to take in down when I got home. I didn't think it would stay, but if you do it tightly enough, even with my tossing and turning it stays put all night.
It's also not uncomfortable to sleep in. I've tried a lot of styles to try and curl/wave my hair and a lot of them involve having big bulges on your head, which are not the nicest of things to lie on. This is not like that because it's all even and I only use two bobbi pins, crossed over to secure the end to my head. Of course they lie flat against the scalp too.

<< This is what it looks like in the morning.... Or afternoon if you're like me and can't sleep till late :p Bit loose, but still intact.
I love the waves this gives me and they seem to stay for ages (it's even batter when done on wet hair).
Anyhoo, don't brush it, just let it down and finger comb it. I've put some styling spray stuff in to make it hold better today, as I did it on dry hair last night.

And here it is styled for NYE at work (come as you are night, no uniform yey!). I love this because, unlike braiding, this protective sleeping style gives me nice little defined waves that I can finger comb because all my of hair stays in it. When I braid, bits fall out when I sleep and I have to brush it, meaning I just get a puffy frizz ball on my head!

(Please excuse the lack of makeup, I'm not leaving till 8pm and didn't want to put makeup on just for a blog post)
So there you have it, a comfy, protective style for you to sleep in and get lovely waves in the morning :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Super cute hair! Love the crown braid look. I think our hair is extremely similar - auburn, fine, on the thin side. It's fairy tale hair! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year and that you enjoy your hair this year! Cheers!

    1. Thank you! I tint my hair to bring out the red tones, but it is fine and thin! I used to hate it, but this year (or last year hehe) I've started to like it. It is fairy tale hair! Happy new year to you too!!