Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas shopping

It sounds really selfish (and it is), but when I'm walking round town looking for presents for people, all that catches my eye are things that I want! This happens every year, without fail, and this is why I hate buying presents for other people.
This year I've managed to buy myself a bat onesie, a fluffy hoodie and pay and charge kit for my Xbox, when I should have been spending money on presents for other people!

My tip to everyone? Go online. less stressful, less tiring, more selection. The only problem is that you've got to be organised and give yourself plenty of time for things to be delivered. And this is where I have failed this year. I've been s busy working that now, on the 23rd of December, I have forgotten a great few presents and have had to run around town trying to find something!!

Sorry, but I just had to let it all out somehow ;) Summery? Indigo buys herself too many presents, can't find things for other people, panic buys. ;) Many Christmas!

Thanks for reading :)

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