Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nikon Is RUBBISH (hunf!)

And every blog post needs a picture!

Maybe some of you are wondering why I haven't been making video...? I'll tell you why:

About a year ago now I bought a new camera to replace my Toshiba with was on it's way out. I bought a Nikon Coolpix S3100. I liked this camera, it wasn't too expensive and it did nice video. 
Three months after I bought it the charging cable stopped working.... I bought a new one, no big deal, and it worked fine. HOWEVER after one use(!) that cable stopped working too and I am not buying another one for that to break too. 
Now I take care of my things, particularly cameras and I am pissed off! So now I don't have a camera to use as my old one died (like, badly, it was old!) last time I tried to film and therefore I can't make videos.

So really there was no point to this post, I just needed to rant (yey!), but it has told you why I don't make videos anymore. I will make them again, but I need to renovate my channel a bit. I also like blogging, you can do it in you PJs :D

Does anyone know about any good, cheap cameras I should look at?

Thanks for reading my rant :)

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