Sunday, 17 June 2012

The experiment that worked!! (Superdrug colour effects)

 Anyone remember when I was trying to get the Superdrug hair tint to stay longer and be more like a dye? Well I do believe I've cracked it!
First of all, I concluded that Rich Red was the one which works best for me. I have mousy blonde hair, but it has a slight red tinge to it in some light, using a red tint just seems to bring it out, as well as staining my hair.

So, what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks is mixing Rich Red with one of the Herbal essences conditioning masks on about a 1:6 ratio. I can't say whether or not it works and how well with other hair masks, I haven't tried it as this worked so well.... however I have just ran out of it so I may up date you on that...

So here's the method I use:

  1. Wet hair (sometimes shampooing but not always)
  2. Apply mixture of tint and mask (1:6) to damp hair making sure it's even.
  3. Leave for 1 hour or more, the longer the better
  4. (Optional) Cover after you apply it. I've used cling film and a hair turban, it seems to be better when the hair is kept warm.

And it's as simple as that! The colour does fade of course, but I do this about once a week, sometimes less if I don't get the time, and still manage to maintain a good level of red/ginger. I can lucky monitor this by the amount of ginger comments I get from my work colleagues ;)

                                Before                                   After

This before isn't quite my natural colour as I don't let it fade right out very often, but this is pretty close and you can see a clear difference. I believe I left the mixture in for about 2 hours on this particular occasion.
I do like this way of hair colouring. I used to have an obsession with dying my hair, but I want to grow it long now and so don't want the damage. This seems like a really nice way of colouring your hair without much, if any damage. And at the end of the day, you're adding moisture to your hair with the mask, so I can't see where any damage would come form :)

Let me know if you've tried this and how it went for you!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. That's a lovely colour you get from that treatment. I do love the before colour too, haha. But it does seem like a great way to keep the hair the colour you want :)