Monday, 18 June 2012

And I can finally throw this crap away!

Whoo!!! Since people have started doing these 'empties' videos and blogs I've been intrigued. Normally you're shown/showing new things you like, not old things which you may not like... Anyway I've been saving all the things I've used up, and I even started to find myself trying to use up things which were almost empty which I'd replaced with new things and never touched again.
In two months I've used up 13 products and it makes me happy. I don't have a huge amount of space right now and using that last bit of shower gel which is in an enormous bottle is really useful!

If you want to see my talk about these things you can watch the video I made talking about everything. I'm starting to make videos again, and although they won't all be makeup/beauty related, a lot will be so if you would like to go over there and subscribe. Or not. Ya know, whatever you wish ;)

Thanks for reading :)

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