Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I smell cheap!

I was buying something from CheapSmells.com last week and decided I wanted t treat myself to a new  perfume. Knowing I couldn't afford anything I really wanted, I settled for a random 'cheap' sent. This 30ml bottle was around £10 and I have to be honest, I picked it in the end because the packaging was pretty and the name indicated that I may like it.

And I do like it, now I'm not great at describing sents, however I will try for you. I reminds me of the talcum power my granny used when I was a kid. It's not flowery (I hate most flowery sents) and has a musky 'clean' tone to it, if that makes sense...
I haven't noticed till recently - when I was going through my perfumes with Jorge - that I go for quite 'clean' sents for the day, things that smell nice but, in the words of Jorge, ''don't really smell like anything in particular'' (he doesn't like most things I do). As for night and winter I like musky  fragrances , so this is a nice mix of the two, and for £10 I was pleased with it.
The packaging is pretty (which is stupidly what made me buy it) and the bottle will look nice with my others. I only realised this morning that a lot of the perfumes I own are celebrity ones. And I've decided I don't really mind that. I generally think that celebrity fragrances are tacky ad just another way for someone who already has loads of money to make more money. However if it smells nice I don't really care, and because it's an old Kate Moss fragrance and not an old Chanel it was cheaper :)

What do you think of celebrity fragrances?

Thanks for reading :)

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