Friday, 2 March 2012

Honey lightening so far...

So far I've tried this twice, I don't have any photos, however I can see a slight lightening/toning to my over all hair colour. I've now gone and put manic panic red all over my head (found a pot I forgot I had :) so you're just gunna have to believe me when I tell you I think that honey is working, if not to lighten, but tone my hair and bring out the highlights that were once there before I dyed it. This the newest picture I have of my natural hair colour before honey, excuse the funny face :)

I also want to talk about how it makes my hair feel after doing a treatment. I'll post my details in a later blog, but I've basically been mixing honey, cinnamon, olive oil and water, shaking it up in an old milk bottle and leaving it for an hour. I apply this to my head and leave for 4/5 hours under cling film. Washing this off isn't a hard as you might think, I use a normal conditioner first, then a tiny bit of shampoo on my scalp to shift the last of the cinnamon, and I use my Superdrug incentive conditioner all over and leave it for a few minutes. Doing this makes my hair feel like silk!! It's so smooth, yet I don't get an ungodly amount of flyaways like I  normally do because of my hair type.
Even if this isn't lightening my hair I will continue to do it once in a while as I love how it makes my hair feel and I would seriously recommend this to anyone to wants to try a new moisturising treatment for their hair, or just for those who want to smell like cinnamon ;)

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