Saturday, 10 March 2012

Baby oil... hair oil?

First I'd like to say that I am aware of peoples concerns about baby oil/mineral oil. I read a lot into it before I tried it for myself. This thread on the Long Hair Community forum is rather interesting if you want to know more.

I have thin, fine hair. It's not completely poker straight, but it's not really wavy and although is has some body it lacks volume. I've tried Coconut oil and Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is far too heavy for my hair, it just looks greasy not matter how little I use. Coconut oil was looking to be ok in my hair, and I do still use it sometimes, but it's been knocked off my radar by baby oil.

It's light enough that it doesn't feel like I have anything in my hair, but I do feel it moisturising!
To apply it I put one or two drops on my finger tips, rub them lightly together and run them through the ends of my hair just after washing, while it's still wet. When my hair dries there's no residue whatsoever, as there was when I used Coconut oil, but my ends are not dried out and my hair generally feels stronger.

What I am worried about is that this could just be a coating, like when you put Vaseline on your lips. Both produces used petroleum and with Vaseline/petroleum jelly it's not putting moisture in into your lips, it just forms a 'film' or layer over your lips. However if I'm applying the baby oil when my hair is wet the theory is that it's locking the moisture in so it isn't lost.

My hair normally splits very easily, however in the last few weeks I've been noticing fewer and fewer splits which need cutting out (I get rid of them when I spot them). I'm hoping this is to do with the baby oil as I haven't changed anything else, other than cutting out shampoo a bit. I did that last year and didn't notice much in terms of split ends which leads be to believe that baby oil really is helping my hair.

Either way, I will report back when I've been using baby oil for a few months and not weeks and give you a final verdict.

Have you tried baby oil?

Thanks for reading :)

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