Saturday, 10 March 2012

Blogs I'm reading

I don't do these often, but I feel like it today. These are the blogs I've been reading the last few weeks.
Some of them have quite a few followers and others are like myself, fewer followers. Either way, I like them all and without people spreading the word no one will ever know about us :)

I started watching her Youtube videos when she had under 1000 subscribers. It's been nice watching her YT and blog grow and all her post are interersting and nice to read.

This girl is fairly new to blogging, but her blog is about hair and as I'm growing mine out it's nice to have someone else who is doing the same to read. She has fewer followers than me, so go have a look at her blog :)

I also found this blog a few days ago, but I can't stop going through the posts. Nice looking blog and about cheap products. I love it!

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  1. thanks for sharing! xx