Friday, 6 April 2012

Slow grower

About to years ago now I cut my hair to chin length from just past my shoulders... At the time I thought it would look amazing, as I'd had short hair before and loved it. However after I cut half my hair off I cried because I remembered that I wanted to grow it long :'(
Anyway, It's really a good thing, I had so much damage from years of constant dying and frying that if I had kept it long the ends would have looked terrible. In other words, I had to find a sliver lining to make myself feels better.

About a year ago I discovered The Long Hair Community Forums. It's a well of information and really quite useful. I've just started looking on there more often recently and this speared me to start taking better care of my hair, as I slipped in the summer and stopped caring for it so much...

So today I looked at some pictures, and although my hair has grow, I expected more. I know it was really quite short, but looking at these makes me think 'is that really all it grows in two years?!'

After the cut, Feb 2010, sorry about the dumbass expression :s

A year on, March 2011

Nov. 2011

Is it just me or has it hardly grown? The difference between the first and last pictures is significant, but between this year and last year? Not so much :/
I was however cheered up by the photo to the right which I took today (after I showered, hence my hair looking rather stringy). My hair is about the length it was when I last cut it, and unlike two years ago, it's not constantly pissing me off! I'm thinking this is because I'm taking better care of it now. It's thicker then it was and doesn't play up as much. It used to look like I straightened it everyday because my ends were very dry, but now they're lovely and normal.
I'm happy with my hair growth, I just wish it would hurry up and be what I consider 'long'. When I was a child I could sit on my hair, that's long! Having shoulder length hair, to me, is the most annoying stage, because you can't just brush-and-go, yet you can't put it up in fancy styles because there isn't enough of it :/ It just sits there, looking a bit out of place...

Anyway, that's my rant about my hair over with. How long do you spend on hair care?

Thanks for reading :)

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