Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring face creams.

Left; Superdrug Vitamin E intense moisture cream 100ml, £2.99 Right; Superdrug essentials, moisturing cream 150ml, 99p when bought

These have been by far my favourite face creams over the last month and my skin has been a whole lot happier, along with my wallet ;) I use the Essentials one at night as it's cheaper and I feel better about slapping more on my face, it also takes longer to absorb into the skin. It's fragrance free too which I always think is better, the less ingredients the better in my opinion. When I wake up my skin isn't greasy which I've found with some other creams/night creams I've tried, it just feels moisturised.
The Vitamin E one I use just before applying makeup. I used less of this because I don't want to wait for ages for it to sink in, but on the occasion that I have used more it's not been an issue. I've just finished my Jergens ultra Hydrating lotion, which I've loved for years and I'm not going to be repurchasing it. Not only is there the animal testing issue, my skin just doesn't like it any more. What used to be a nice, non-oily moisturiser, now takes 10 minutes to start absorbing into my skin, meaning I have to wait around to apply makeup and leaves an oily residue in it's wake. Not something I want to be dealing in the morning, I like to save as much time as possible! The Vitamin E is moisturising, not oily and although it has a scent it's not an overly strong one. Coming into summer I a moisturiser to not leave oil on my face and this product seems to be doing very well for me at the moment.
5 stars to these two products this month, I like them and will continue to use them throughout the summer months! 
What skin care products are you planning to use this summer?

Thanks for reading :)

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