Saturday, 5 May 2012

900 Athletes, 60 Million strong

I need to start by saying that this is item was sent to me for free to review by Next. I'm always honest about things like this, but it really doesn't effect my opinions. However if you don't like it then you are free to leave now :)

Next UK have launched a new range for the Olympics this year. Having looked through the range I have to say that I do like some of it. A lot of the GB/Union Jack things I'm seeing in shop I find a bit tacky, and I think the same about half the stuff in this range, but not all of it. Some things seem to have a little more class and the designs are more original.


The scarf on the left is the one I have, official Paralympic. The one on the left is the official Team GB. Out of the two, I like the back ground of the Team GB one, but I looove lion on mine! A combination of those two factors would be great for me, but you can't have everything ;)
There're two sizes; 50cm by 50cm which is £5 and 90cm by 90cm which is £10. While I like the look of the bigger ones for wearing around the neck, the smaller is better for using as a bandana (I love bandanas in the summer!) or a head scarf. And that's what I've been using it for :)

The thing with these is that you can support something without looking overly tacky or cheesy. I will not wear the Union Jack (though better than sporting the yank flag which people seem to be doing recently :s) because it looks rather boring. I like both these scarfs - and some other things in the collection - because they look artist and well crafted, like some thought went into them instead just taking the GB flag and putting it on a top. Also, all profit goes to the British Olympic Association, it would seem that not all companies are money-grabbing.

So if you likey either of these scarfs or just want to check out some of the Team GB items have next day delivery, or you can just go in to one near you (there're 3 in my town so I'm sure most people can find one.... if not, have one of ours, we have plenty!)

Thanks for reading :)

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