Friday, 14 January 2011

Girls (and guys) I think everyone should be watching!

This is my version of a Share the Love. I don't really see the point in doing a video about this, but I did want to write about these girls and how much I like to watch them! If you look at my subscriptions then you will see that I'm subed to quite a few people. And it's not that I don't enjoy watching all of them, but the people I'm about to mention have stood the test of time and I'll watch their video first out of all my new videos ^.^ There are some people who I've been watching longer but they or I have changed since I started watching them.

This apperently my watching YouTube face O.o

So, in order of the A to the Z here they with the newest video on their channel (at this time)...


Such a lovely,  articulate girl, I absolutely love her reviews as she goes into such depth with them without being boring. I wish I could hold information in my head, long enough to do a review without having to cut my video up so that I can referer to the notes I've made.



This guys is a fully qualified doctor and makes such interesting, easy to understand and very useful videos about skin and everything related to dermatology. I watch all of his videos because they're very to the point and even if I don't have the problem he's talking about, it's so helpful to know. I think he should have so many more views and subscribers as he is highly trained and yet girls who don't really know what they're talking about have hundreds upon thousands of those! 


This is the lady who made me want to make videos myself. I was looking at how to use bendy rollers and came across her video. Before that I didn't have any idea about the beauty community on Youtube so all this is really all her fault! She's from the Netherlands and doesn't make videos all that often because she has an illness called Myoclonic Dystonia which she made a video on if you're confused. But never the less she's lovely and I love seeing her pop up in my subscriptions.


I have to be honest and say that I didn't like Jermain when I first found her. But was a room tour thingy and I just thought she was stuck up. But I rediscovered her (without knowing it was her) when she'd lost all her videos and found her just hilarious. I will admit that I normally like to watch more down to earth people but I do smile at her randomness :)


In my opinion she is so underrated! She has so much more talent than other, much more popular 'gurus' (without mentioning any names, I don't want to be bitchy) and as far as I know she has no professional training. She uses cheap drugstore products (many of which are cruelty free but I don't know if she intends this) to create amazing designs.
This isn't her latest video, but I just loved this look so much that I just had to share it with you all!

I'm not posting a video of hers because she's correntally taking a break from video making and blogging, but I felt the need to mention her because, again she was one of the first people I started watching, and the very first person who I subscribed to.


He is amazing with tutorials (I know this video isn't a tutorial) and I like how honest he is when it comes to he opinions on a product/technique. Not really much else I can say on him really, but I always watch :)


Kristy! Lovely, lovely girl, she found me after seeing my animal testing video. She's so passionate about animal cruelty and I've never seem someone help as many people as she does with trying to go cruelty free/vegan. I personally would never have the confidence in myself and my research to do that. I can see the amount of effort she puts into researching companies and the loop holes that are created by them, she's been indescribably helpful to me and others. She another person that I feel should have many more people watching her because of the knowledge she could instill into people!


Yet again, another lady with not as many followers as she deserves! I do believe that she's a professional makeup artist, but either way her looks are always stunning and I just looove listening to her voice in tutorial. Another of my first subscriptions.


When I first saw her she was doing a 'how to apply false lashes' video (the old one, she's done and updated one now) and I was looking at her makeup for the intire video. It was so bright and colourful that i had to check and see if she had any tutorials like that which I could get ideas from. And of course she did! I love she tutorials for ideas so much!

So that was it! Haha, I wasn't expecting it to be that long. I have to go t bed now, so I'll see you later :)

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