Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Meet Jasper!

This little ginger ball of fun is a Welsh section A pony who will make about 12 hands. So he's tiny, and he has what I like to call 'little man syndrome', where he's very little but thinks he should be the boss.

He actually belongs to Dans mum, who was basically guilt tripped into buying him by someone at her old yard. She has 4 horses/ponies at the moment but doesn't have the time for them all so is selling 2, Jasper and his half brother Loganberry (who is much better tempered)...
Jasper, as I mentioned before, thinks that he should be in charge, but at the moment the pony he's kept with (Loganberry) doesn't seem to be able to put him in his place as he would be in the wild when they're in a big herd. That's causing him to be very... difficult. He bits, fidgets and trys to boss everyone around - yes, that includes people and here in lays the problem.
Because of his size he would be a kids pony, maybe for kids up to age 8 but more for little'uns around 3 or 4. And although he's lovely to look at, once you saw his temperament anyone who knew anything about horses would say ''NO WAY, am I having that pony!''... because he's not a kids pony, he's too strong headed and no where near patient enough!
The point of all this is that if Dans mum were to sell him she would either get next to no money for him and have no idea where he was and what was happening to him. OR she could sell him to someone to knows nothing about horses, but they wouldn't be able to treat him right and wouldn't know how to deal with him. He might end up being put down in either incidence!
She and her husband have kindly decided to GIVE(!) him to me. I've always liked him despite his temperament and I want to spend time with him to calm him down. He could be a lovely pony I think!
Also I think that it could do with having room to roam. At the moment he's stabled, but when he comes to us that will all change; we don't even have stables! 
And coming back to what I said earlier about him having 'little man syndrome'; we have another pony with that, a Shetland, Copper and he puts everyone in their place, Jasper won't mess with him for long.
We have another horse (Jem) who's around the same age as Jasper and is still a baby (Jasper is 2 1/2 and Jem is 1 1/2) so they will be able to play together like they really want without annoying the other older ponies :)

So this is the reason that I will have even less time than I did before :) I'm looking forward to it!

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  1. I think its lovely you're going to work with the horse, I never knew you had horses....Make sure to keep us updated on his progress!