Thursday, 29 November 2012

Today I bought...

More than I should have. But it did all come in under £10 and I have run out of an everyday conditioner... excuses excuses!

But I've been reading about people who've brought out the curly side of their hair by changing their routine. I started to play about with this in September, but gave up because of working/not having time/patience ect. But I went to superdrug today and picked up some things to try it out again. Ignore the dry shampoo, that's just to do with my oily head!

The Tresemme is something I've seen a few people use to bring out curls and it was on offer for something like £2.50, as they had run out of my coconut conditioner (*sad face*) I picked that up instead. The Shockwave's are a styling gel and a styling spray. I was only going to get the spray, then realised that I could get another thing from that range and it would cost me an extra 50p, so I picked up the gel as well.
I think the problem I had before was that I could bring out a wave in my hair, but it would just go frizzy and limp very quickly because I didn't have anything to hold it in place. Being someone who was always told I had - messy - straight hair I don't have any gels or styling products because I don't need to keep my hair in a certain way.

This is what my hair looks like, untouched after plopping. Problem is that it doesn't stay like this for the whole day and just falls limp...
Maybe I'm just fighting nature here, maybe I really do have straight hair, but I've always wanted to have wavy/curly hair and the idea that I might be able to achieve that if I use a different method of hair care is something that I'm not willing to ignore.

Thanks for reading :)

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