Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hair length update...

So, my hair is now defiantly APL (armpit length) and although I wish it would grow faster, I do see an amazing difference in the speed at which it is growing now that I'm taking better care of it... i.e. oiling, protective hair styles, conditioning treatments and cutting off split ends when I see them. I think it's the first two which are making the most difference as they're the one that I do the most (I don't have the time to S&D and deep condition all that often).

However, let's have a look and compare. 

These are two pictures from this year, obviously they're dated. Now lets look at some pictures from last year, taken around the same times...

Ok, so you don't get as good a picture as to how long my hair really was, I wasn't in the habit of taking pictures of the back of my head them. However you can see that my hair hadn't grow anywhere near as much compared to what it has this year and I am very happy about this.

My advise if you want your hair to grow faster? Go to the Long Hair Community and have a look around this site. It's been very helpful - and slightly addictive - to me and if you want to know anything about hair and hair myths you will find your answer there!
For now, even though my hair won't grow lightening fast, I will contiune to grow it till it's long and enjoy getting there

Thanks for reading :)

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