Sunday, 22 July 2012

Yet another way to try and go blonde!

Yeah that's right, even after all those bad reviews I'm still trying it out! I have only bought the conditioner though. I don't use shampoo enough for me to warrant buying this one, and I thought that maybe the conditioner on it's own wouldn't be damaging.
The shampoo and conditioner from this line don't have any peroxide or ammonia in them, they claim to use camomile and citrus to lighten hair gently. Now I am aware that I could use camomile, lemon juice and honey, but I've tried all these things and they don't do much, if anything to my hair. I though maybe if I used something in a bottle form that it may work for me :)
I used to have lovely blonde/gold hair. Till I dyed it and ruined. I've been trying to get back a nice blonde for a while and nothing has worked. All I get now is a mousy brown which I hate, it's dull and has no depth to it.
I'm hoping that this will give me some of my blonde back. I've been using it as a leave in deep condition treatment and I'll be doing a review soon, but I want time to see if it actually works :)

Thanks for reading :)

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