Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Baby heels :)

If you didn't already know, I'm quite tall. Not huge, but I'm about 5'8'' which is4 inches above the UK average. I'm not too bothered about my height, but I do feel a little self-conscious when I'm out with Jorge and I'm a few inches taller than him, so I very rarely wear heels on a night out.

Never-the-less, I like how heels make me feel, they change your walk and make you feel that little bit more feminine. I found these 2 inchers in Primark this week for £10 (they were on sale from £18) and Jorge kindly bought them for me. I LOVE them! It doesn't really feel like I'm wearing much of a heel so I can walk for ages in them, but when I look in the mirror I can still see the same effect that you get with higher heels without being freakishly tall!!

One this I will say is that I hate Primark sizing! Normally I'm a 7 or an 8, however Primark's 8 is always too big, yet the 7 seems to be much much smaller! These are an 8 but the fact that they're too big doesn't really matter too much because they're lace ups :)

Of course, being from Primark they've already broken slightly. One of the loops for the laces came off when I was trying to get the elastic that tires them together off. Luckily it's quite near the top so doesn't matter too much, but it's still one I'd like to use which kind of annoys me!

I will defiantly be getting my hands on some more 'baby heels', I might look in New Look as I find their heels to be the confiest out there!

Thanks for reading :)

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