Sunday, 4 September 2011

An early birthday present!

It's my birthday tomorrow, but my boyfriend (Jorge) gave me this present early ^.^

I do believe that it's a 96 palette and the colours are really pretty! I'm not sure that it's cruelty free, but I can't really blame him for that as he doesn't really know much about what I look for in makeup!
I wanted one of these last year, but didn't  get one. Some of the colours are a little chalky (mainly the mattes) but others are really good!

The pans aren't really that big, but that's not too bad for me. It means that I'm more likely to use up an eyeshadow, rather than just leaving it to rot in the pan while I try to use up other shadows!

I thought it was a really nice gesture from someone who has no clue about makeup, and something I'm going to use :)

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