Monday, 14 March 2011

The Naked palette: my experience.

I will do a video about this that better outlines why I chose the Naked palette, this is just some pictures and brief thoughts on it.

I thought about getting this palette back when it was released, but held back because I really don't wear neutrals that much. However I do need a job and I would like to be able to wear makeup where ever I work. I do have some neutral palettes (like the eBay one) but that's not necessarily very consistent in quality and I feel guilty/weird using it because I don't know where it came form.
That said, I decided that I would save up and treat myself to Naked.

It took me about 2 months to find somewhere that stocked it (I'll go into this more in my video), I resorted to checking the Debenhams and House of Fraser websites every evening because from what I could make out that's what other people were doing too.
It was still luck that i got it though, seeing that it was in stock for a whole 12 hours!

I was very excited for it to arrive and when it did come no one was in, so my mum very kindly took me to get it from the Post office after college.

This is the package it came in. I took this picture in the car because I knew that I wouldn't have the patience once I got home!

 I've had it for a week now, and so far I like it. The shadows are really nice! Very pigmented (though what else would you expect?) and I really like the different finishes. For the moment I particularly like Sidecar, which has little bits of glitter in it! I've heard some people complain about this, but in my opinion it would be too much like Sin if there were no glitter.


I don't have a problem with fall out, I know some people do. I think it's because I'm used to using loose pigments which can have a lot of fall out, so maybe it's just the way I apply eyeshadow in general now that prevents me from getting really bad fall out.

There are a few things which I don't like about the palette which I'll go over in my video, but there's one thing that I want to bring attention to here too. That is the packaging. I quite like Urban Decays normal packing, it's different and fun. But I am a very artsy person so I enjoy it looking different.
I don't necessarily dislike the design of the Naked palette, but I really, really, really hate the velvety covering they've used on it! Granted, it's a nice touch, but as others have mentioned, it's likely to get things stuck to it.
Now I have a few jewellery boxes with this material on them, so I knew what would happen and I wasn't looking forward to it...

This is after about 5 days, I haven't handled it excessively or put it in a very dust place, just on my shelf.

DUST! My room is very dusty, I think it's something to do with the rats but no matter how much I dust there's still loads. The palette, like my jewellery boxes, is covered in dust which sticks to it and won't come off. It really irritates me to see it!! It's fairly easy to remove with some gaffer tape, but I don't have time to do that every few days.
Now I might have a ridiculous amount of dust in my room, but this is going to be a problem to everyone eventually and I just don't think it was very well thought out!

So, I like the palette, I just don't think it should be held in such high regard!


  1. I'm on a waitlist for this! Hope I get a call about it soon.

  2. Good thinking! It's so hard to get hold of!