Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: Lipcote

One of my Christmas presents was this:

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My mum has been using this since she was a teenager herself and loves it, so she got me one. This use of this is to seal your lipstick in and make it smudge and transfer proof. And it works! I've worn this over a lot of different lipsticks and it will take hours for them to fade, even when I eat and drink. Obviously eating and drinking makes the colour fade faster, but it's still there, which is great.
The application is simple, the product comes in a bottle which resembles that of a nail varnish, with a brush attached to the screw off cap. You can use the brush attached, or your own brush to apply the product, which is of a watery consistency. You cote your lips with a thin layer of this formula and wait for about a minute for it to dry. On the packaging it says that you might experience a sharp tingling feeling, however I don't feel much and certainly nothing uncomfortable or painful.
The product is a little drying, so I wouldn't recommending it everyday.
Now here's the great part, I thought that it would be owned by a company which is in some way affiliated with animal testing. I found a contact address an emailed lipcote, asking if they had ever tested animals, if they were owned by a parent company who test or contract people to test on their behalf and if they were sure that their suppliers were cruelty free. I got this email back the next day:

Dear Indigo

Thank you for your email.  You will be pleased to hear that Lipcote is not (and never has been) tested on animals, likewise we require our suppliers to confirm that the ingredients we use in making Lipcote not to have been tested on animals.  Matthews & Wilson Ltd, our company, has never undertaken any animal testing since it was formed in 1946.  Matthews & Wilson is owned by Matthews & Wilson Holdings ltd which likewise has never undertaken any animal testing.

We hope this sets your mind at rest, but if you have any further comments please let us know.

Kind regards

Ben Woodward

It was so nice have an email back from someone who was for forthcoming with information and I am happy with the answer that I received. There was no dodging the question, which I find quite often happens when a company is trying to sugar coat something because there is testing going on somewhere along the line.

So in conclusion, Lipcote is not along a great product, but a great cruelty free product and I love it!

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