Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cheap as chips nail polish!

I went on a food shopping trip with my mum the other day to Asda and saw these there.

I already owned the two on the right so I knew what they were like but I was really interested in trying some more because lets face it, for £1.50 these are actualy pretty darnded good! So here's a little review for you all from my point of view.
The colours (Left to right):
35 Frost bite
51 Nightmare
41 Mysterious
56 Swoosh
And I already had
16 Buttercup shine
9 Cloudless sky

The frist of the new colours I tried was nightmare.
I have to say this is could well be my favorite!
It's not too over dramatic so can be worn as an everyday colour but nither is it dull.
As you can see from the photo, Frost bite wasn't the smoothest aplication.
I find that you need two coats to get good coverage from these - which is fine and what I do with most polishes - but the second coat seemed to stick to the first even though it was touch dry and I got a comment from an 8 year old later that day enquiring as to whether I'd painted my nails with wall paint!
However I still love the colour, I'll just have to be a little more careful when applying next time :)
The last colour I've tested so far is mysterious (ignore the red). In the bottle is looks really shimmiry, but on it's not as eye catching. I still like it and applying it wasn't as bad as Frost bite, but I can get the exact colour by using a layer of navy blue and top coat of purple.

However I am happy to have bought these and having had numrious incounters with nasy cheap nail varinshes, I have had to say that these are rather good. So if you're short on cash and fancy a treat, pop into Asda for some cheap and chips nail colours <3

This isn't as Asda - and I have no idea if you can still get it as I got it for my 15th birthday - but I recently dug out this bright lime green colour (#137, writing is too faded to read!) by Barry M.
I have no idea why I haven't worn it more, but it's just such a lovey summery colour.
Get it if you can!

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