Friday, 15 February 2013

2 Day hair oiling experiment

So this week I'm working in the kitchen. For this there's not much point in washing my hair when I normally would because a) people don't see me and b) after one day of my hair being up, in a hot greasy kitchen under a hat, it looks like it's not been washed for a week anyway.
I decided last night that I would oil my hair. I have done this before, but only leaving the oil on over night and washing in the morning. I do oil my ends every time I wash it, but not very much, enough so that it doesn't look greasy and the ends are protected. This time I will leave it on till tomorrow afternoon, by that time it will have been on for 48 hours. I'll apply a little more to my ends today as that have been getting really dry recently.

There's not really might point in me posting a picture of my oily hair - it doesn't look very nice - so I'll just tell you what I'm using.
I use the Superdrug coconut oil on my ends normally and I really like it so I've used that this time, just in a larger quantity. I've also mixed in some Tea Tree oil and applied that to my scalp. As I've said in previous posts, I've been having problems with oil control on my scalp and Tea Tree is meant to help with that.

I will update with pictures and news of how my hair reacted to having the oils on it for so long.

Thanks for reading :)

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